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What is BusyKeeper?

BusyKeeper™ is a desktop software program and an associated web site. It's a personal scheduling tool. It can be used at home, at work or on the road to help organize the things you want to get done and remember what steps need to be taken. It's the new way to get things done.

How is BusyKeeper different from other task management tools?

BusyKeeper is different because it focuses on tasks that you do on a recurring basis, not tasks that pop up under unique situations. You can create sets of tasks, called processes, to be used over and over again. It lets you reuse tasks you've entered in the past. In this way, you spend more time getting things done and less time managing tasks. Let's face it, most other task or to-do list programs fail because you spend too much time entering tasks.

BusyKeeper works together with popular calendar software programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. BusyKeeper schedules tasks around your existing appointments.

Additionally, BusyKeeper lets you share processes with others. This allows you to share and coordinate tasks and schedule information with other people.

What can I do with BusyKeeper?

You can create processes to remember a series of complex tasks. Each process contains a set of variables for commonly referenced information, like dates and e-mail addresses. A new process can be created as the result of a particular event, maybe on a recurring date or because an e-mail was received. Using the variables, the process steps become relative to each other. So, for example, planning a night out on the town requires a babysitter in advance. Arranging for the babysitter is relative to your planned outing date.

What are some other examples?
  • Create a schedule for your child's sports team and then share it with the other parents
  • Create a list of steps to a complex task, such as home maintenance, tax preparation or investment planning to be used each time
  • Create a list of tasks you want others to follow, send them the file and let BusyKeeper walk the recipient through each step
  • Prepare a list of actions to be taken in response to an event, such as a customer request for information or emergency procedure
Who should use BusyKeeper?

BusyKeeper can be used by anyone who uses a calendar program but has found other task management software or features to be burdensome or of little value.

How can I get BusyKeeper?

BusyKeeper is still in development. It is available for testing for certain individuals. If you're interested in trying out BusyKeeper before it's released, e-mail us at tester@busykeeper.com. We're not able to select all interested individuals, but if you're not selected, we'll keep your e-mail address and let you know when it is available.

You can also help speed the progress by making a donation. All those caffeinated beverages cost money! Please
make your donation via PayPal to donation@busykeeper.com. We thank you!

What does BusyKeeper cost?

BusyKeeper will be available in a FREE version. The free version allows you to integrate with popular calendar programs and will schedule your tasks around your existing appointments. The free version is limited to one process (list of repeatable tasks). The full, unlimited version is expected to cost around $30 USD.


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