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BusyKeeper™ is a fresh new start-up. We're still in, what you might call "the incubator stage". Neither the company nor the product is being promoted at this time. Actually, the fact that you're reading this means you probably know someone who works at BusyKeeper.
We started BusyKeeper because we were frustrated by all the details of simply going about our normal day. Notifying people, sending updates, making reservations, checking schedules and getting driving directions are all tasks that happen over and over. Why can't our computer do the tedious part of this and leave us with the important decisions?
The software programs we use, either desktop applications or web applications, do such a great job of remembering the details. Everything seems to be linked these days. You can click on a contact in your address book and have the option to map the contact's address. A new window opens, and you can print the driving directions. Cool. But this routine is always part of a recurring process! Why can't your computer take advantage of the linked information and do all the steps for you?
BusyKeeper is the glue. It ties everything together in the context of what you're trying to get done. It's what all the latest software is made for. And it's fun and easy to use!
We're excited about BusyKeeper. We hope to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. We want to make a difference in your life! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for taking an interest in what we're doing.

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